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Intro to Professional Photoshop

Use of Clean Plates

Cleaning Background

Creating Textures

Advance Color Corrections

Matte painting

Intro to Videography

Understanding Resolution

Aspect ratio

Frame format


Video Editing

Video Effects

Video Transition

Time Remapping

Lots more….

Intro to Rotoscoping

Stereo Rotoscoping

Vfx Rotoscoping

Layer management for roto

Checking black holes

Creating alpha Channel

Render format for roto

Intro to Compositing

Intro to FG, MG and BG

Layer Management

Layers Properties

Blending modes

Intro to Key frames

Animating layers

Playing with Effects

Colour Space

Color Corrections

Wire removal Techniques

Frame by Frame techniques

Camera Projection

Clean Plate and Cloning Techniques

Intro to Tracking

2D Tracking

3D Tracking

Plannar Tracking


Intro to Masking

Mask shapes

Intro to Mattes

Merging, Subtracting mattes

Stop Motion

Intro to Motion Graphic

Title Animation

Motion graphic animation

Intro to Keying

Croma Keying

Blue, Green, Luma.

Light Setup and Calculations

Render Passes

Multi-pass compositing

Professional Industrial Techniques

Processing Techniques

Live Footage Integration

Particle Dynamics

Creating 3D objects in Element 3D

3D Logo Design and Animation


Render techniques

Render formats

Video Codec

Sound Editing

Edit Merging Sound

Adding Effects

Filtering Sound

Sound Sync with footage

Rendering Sound

Rendering formats

Lots more…..

VFX - Visual Effects (1.5 Years)

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