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Intro to 2d Concepts

Persistence of vision

Concepts of animation

FPS (Frame Rate)


Aspect Ratio

2d Space and axis

Concept of 2d Design

Layer Concepts 

Color Concepts

Background Creation

Keyframes and Animation

Onion Skining 

Flicker animation


Intro to 3d Concepts

Concepts of 3D

3d Axis and perspectives

Concepts of 3d Animation

3D Space concepts

Intro to 3D Software interface

Intro to Modeling

Concepts of Modeling

Organic Modeling

In organic Modeling

Product Modeling

Architecture & Interior 

Gaming set / Model design

Nurbs,  Curve, Poly and Low poly

Intro to Texturing

Texture Concepts

Creating textures

Modify download texture

Color theory

Types of textures Mapping

Environment texture 

Catch light textures

Intro to Lighting

Lighting Concepts

Typs of light

Properties of ights

Set lighting concepts


Sky and Environment lighting

Studio Light concepts for 3D

Real World vs Software Lighting

Lighting vs Texture matching


Intro to Rigging

Concepts of rigging

Virtual Bones & Skeleton layout

Binding skeleton 

Apply skeleton to 3D Model

Monitoring the rigging

Intro to Animation

Concepts of Animation


Keyframe and curves

Facial Expression control

muscle building

Animation Character 

Controlling animation

Intro to Dynamic & Particle

Dynamic particle

Science and concepts of particle

Particle emmiter

Particle behaviour

Particle animation

Dynamic particle (Fire, Wind, Water etc)

Intro To Camera & Render

Camera Properties

Lens Description and effects

Animating Camera 

Rendering Camera animation

Rendering settings

Rendering requirement and technology

Training in Animation (12 Months)

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